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Autobiography Of A Yogi In Bengali.pdf

the chaitanya-charitra is a text which has inspired me all my life, and for this reason it seemed to me that i had a perfect right to use it. in the first place, i have translated it into a contemporary idiom; secondly, i have made the narrator, chaitanya, my own, with all his conflicts and his occasional lapses into morbidity. finally, i have done my utmost to see that the whole is consistent with the personality of the saint, whose spiritual progress is described in the chronicle, and to deepen his character and his personality (autobiography, xix).

Autobiography Of A Yogi In Bengali.pdf

i have tried to extract from the chaitanya-charitra those features of human temperament which are essential to man's spiritual evolution. in my novel, i have allowed them to go on their way. i have tried to represent them from the point of view of chaitanya, who sees them as events in his spiritual life, as the results of meditation and as psychological phenomena which he has come to accept. but i have seen that man is a whole and that the whole cannot be represented in an isolated way (autobiography, xxi).

for the first time in my life i saw another woman act like a man. i was not prepared for this, and our relationship was immediately ruined. i asked her not to enter my room and i did not see her again. in her place, i was served by a young woman who was not a good cook and who did not clean my room regularly. i had to explain to her that my wife was my companion, not my servant. i was a millionaire, living in the company of a woman who was not my wife. i had to tell her that i did not have a wife, that i was an ascetic who lived on alms, a celibate, a non-unionist, one who did not lead a domestic life with a woman in his own house (autobiography, 189).


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