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Ambush Download Torrent

This western contains no well known actors but is none the worse for that; when you have a star you know they will make it to the end but unknown actors can die at any time! The story follows four men who have just been released from Yuma jail. After five years inside the criminals are keen to meet up with their partner and get their hands on the money; they have a few of problems though; the money is hidden in the town of Tomahawk Gap which has since been abandoned deep inside Apache territory, their partner is dead and one of the four wasn't actually involved in the crime; he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time but still expects a cut as he served the time. The three criminals head off towards Tomahawk Gap but are ambushed by a group of Apache; they manage to beat them but one of them is then shot by a Navaho woman. By this time this happens the fourth man has caught up with them and all of them; including the woman head into town where they discover the money wasn't where they expected it to be... if they want to get rich they will have to find it before they are found by the Apaches or the US Cavalry.At only seventy three minutes the story doesn't have time to drag and there is plenty of action crammed in; when they aren't fighting the Apaches they are fighting each other. The action is well choreographed with plenty of dramatic falls as Indians fall from cliff-tops and rooftops when shot; the stunt men certainly earned their pay! The actors did a good job although Mexican actress María Elena Marqués, who played the Navaho girl didn't really look like a Native American. While it is essentially an action film a little bit of light relief is provided by the town's sole inhabitant who has stayed behind to look after the graveyard. If you are a fan of less well known westerns you could do a lot worse than this; I'd certainly recommend it.

Ambush download torrent

A crack team of US Marines is sent to one of the small Phillipine islands because there's an agent there who's got some big news, but can't get it out. Almost from the beginning Captain Clem Stadler is killed in some contact with a Japanese patrol. That leaves command of the mission to fall on Sergeant Hugh O'Brian.Ambush Bay managed to hit all the war movie clichés without a miss in its running time. One of the most prominent was the new guy on the mission, in this case radioman James Mitchum. He was a last minute replacement and with the exception of Mickey Rooney, he's not well regarded by the seasoned Marines on the mission.I can't say what it is or how the team deals with the information, but let's just say they've got one big old surprise cooked up for Admiral Halsey's task force.The movie was shot entirely on location in the Phillipines and the scenery is quite lush. I'm sure that the promise of a tropical vacation might have induced a few of our American players to work in this film.I feel either ambushed or just plain bushed right about now.


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