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King Geedorah Take Me To Your Leader Zip !!EXCLUSIVE!!

What I love about the King Geedorah is the separation from his other persona's. The way DOOM describes him is like an otherwordly being, which indeed King Ghidra is. Its like DOOM opens a portal to this new side of him which is rarely seen, and that is much of the reason I love him so much, his dense flow, metaphors and internal rhymes are consistently forcing you to dig deeper. The God-Like Ghidra for me represents this almost infinite wonder of the vast lyrical puns, parables and punchlines that DOOM often crams in the smallest of verses. What I also find very interesting is how with MF DOOM how he often manages to subvert ideas that he draws upon- this is the same with King Geedorah. For example, Ghidra in the Godzilla lore is often under mind control, by the populations whose world the dragon destroyed- and he rarely has an innate personality of his own. So for DOOM's version to actually be the opposite, and influence DOOM, who in turn influences Victor is a really nice touch. Its clear that MF DOOM has carried this narrative into his discography. As I mentioned before, King Geedorah is rarely mentioned, and even in Albums which are suited to DOOM dragon persona, he doesn't often appear as a rapper. In Escape from Monsta Island, his only rapping appearance is in Mic Line. The final line/skit of the album is "All I can say is we know nothing, But everyone of us fears the same thing" which I think sums this up well. Likewise in Take me to your leader, King Geedorah spends very little time actually rapping, only about 10 mins if I timed correctly. However, in both of the albums, DOOM has a heavy hand in producing, teaming with X-Ray in Escape from Monsta Island, and taking primary responsibilities in Take me to Your Leader. This highlights another subversion DOOM is more candid about in his interview. Ghidra is very much a villain of brute force in the Kaju film, while in DOOM's narrative, he is the power behind the throne, controlling the strings.

King Geedorah Take Me To Your Leader Zip

Will probably go into this later when I write about Take me to your leader, but the disco type sample, plays directly into the persona MF DOOM is playing, King Geedorah, the space dragon. Disco music, has quite a strong element of space fearing- one can even imagine the disco-balls reflections as stars in the night sky. The group which he was during this time, Monsta Island Czars (Inspired from Escape from the Monster Island Kaju film) is filled with similarly spacey beats.

Take me to your leader represent a condensation of all the themes why I mentioned beforehand, and the its the only release where MF DOOM has been able to fully release his King Geedorah persona, and in doing that it is more ambitious. Take Monster Zero.

And the amazing thing is that is more. Songs like One Smart Ninga :P, Krazy World, Lockjaw, Fastlane, No Snakes Alive and Anti-Matter all offer unique takes on the the King Geedorah character, or highlight other characters who I feel that he has empowered to rap with his production skill. I feel that I have already pressed the CV topics so far by writing so extensively, and the patience of any soul brave enough to wade through this, but I would encourage you to listen to the album yourself to see what you make of it. If you are a DOOM fan than I think this is an essential listen, although odds are you've already listened to it and prefer Madvilliany (And don't worry I still love you :P )

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[Verse: King Geedorah]King Geedorah, take me to your leaderQuick to claim that he not no snake like, "Me neither"They need to take a breatherHe been rhyming longer than Sigmund the sea creatureBeen on Saturday featurePleased to meet ya

Born alone, die alone, no matter who your man isHope he live long enough to tell it to his grandkidsKing Geedorah, three-finger ring feverSpring chicken eater, ID'ed as the ringleaderWho needs a heater? Catch 'em with bare handsThese same hands that make razors out beer cansHis own biggest fanAnd got a fan base as big as JapanUh, yeah? And?All hail the king, and give him three cheers, fam! (...fam?)

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