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Buy Used Motorhome Usa __EXCLUSIVE__

Randy and I know we'll be in the market for a "new-to-us" RV soon so we've beenwatching the prices on used motorhomes, both in Canada and across the border,for some time now. For the most part, a similar RV sells for far less money inthe USA. The savings are even better in the last few years, since Canadian andUS currency have been close to par.

buy used motorhome usa


The savings are real.(Of course, as with every used vehicle purchase, there are precautions totake, especially if the deal is too good to be true... I'll get to that in aminute.) Even after paying all taxes and duties at the border we feel certainwe would save quite a bit if we import an RV.

You can get a better used vehicle.Purchasing a used vehicle from a dryer climate (less snow), like in the midand southern states, generally guarantees far less corrosion. A case in point -our mechanic friend in Tucson hates to work on northern vehicles (like ours)because he's not used to dealing with rusted bolts.

You should carefully read the entire website but a good place to start is withtheImporter Checklist Tool, found under theImport A Vehicletab. Even before you've located a vehicle to buy, you can input the make andmodel you hope to buy and determine whether this RV passes the admissionguidelines to import an RV. You want this information before you begin your search for a usedRV because:Not all vehicles are admissible for import.

As well as the RIV website, you may want to look at the provincial licensing requirement for yourprovince of residence. In the case of Ontario, theMTO (Ministry of Transport Ontario)for information on how to get your vehicle licensed after it has passed theimport requirements. When I spoke with them, they told me it is straightforward- just be sure to bring all the documentation you have from the border crossingwith you; however, the MTO web site indicates other special requirements may be required for registering a motorhome. Read it carefully. If the year make and model of the VIN does not match that assigned by the motorhome manufacturer, extra documentation may be required.

While we're south of the border this winter, we thought, if we came across theright buy, we might replace our Class B motorhome with something slightlynewer, while we're down there. We hoped to make a trade or sell our old RV,then just continue on our trip and proceed with the paperwork to import the RVwhen we come home.

Consider hiring a vehicle inspection service such asAim Mobile Inspections who will physically inspect the RV for you and send you their report.I have first-hand knowledge about this company (through my daughter's boyfriendwho recently used them to inspect a car he imported) so I can highly recommendtheir services. They have experience with RVs too and will inspect, photograph, and document every detail andpotential problem on any vehicle, anywhere in the continental USA.

On the other hand, if we find the perfect used RV while we're already acrossthe border on one of our trips, we're prepared to make the purchase and thenstore the RV if necessary, until we're ready to return to Canada. We wouldprobably bring both RVs back. (Hey, I'd get to drive for once!) We could sellthe old one without pressure and at a better price at home.

None of this even considers registration fees and title, which can also add up. But all in all the more expensive the vehicle, the more savings to make it worth the hassle. So a motorhome may be more worth it than a small travel trailer, for example. Even some people buying a car, like an expensive exotic car, will consider the Montana LLC route.

Please find below the full listing of ads of motorhomes and caravans coming from transportation sector. Click all brands of used motorhomes and caravans if you want to check the available used motorhomes and caravans machines sorted by brand or narrow the search results of used motorhomes and caravans by using refine search navigation on left hand side.

Here is the complete list of the used motorhomes and caravans for sale. If you are interested in any of the above used motorhomes and caravans for sale, click on the checkbox next to the advertisement and add it to your favourites or compare with other interesting offers. If you want to narrow the search results, please go back to the top of the page and use the "advanced search" option, then define the brand, model, price and/or location of the used motorhomes and caravans you are interested in.

We offer the most diverse selection of new & used motor homes in the world at one location with prices ranging from about 10,000 dollars to over $2 Million dollars and every price point in between. You'll find over 100 different models from 15 of the most well known manufacturers in the RV industry. Each are committed to producing quality products and offer something distinctly different in both style & function

There are more Fleetwood RVs on the road today than any other brand for good reason based on the IHS Automotive, Polk Recreational Vehicles in Operation (RVIO) as of 7/1/13. Fleetwood builds some of the most iconic brands the RV industry has ever know and they are now available at the #1 volume selling motor home dealer in the world now making them an even more incredible value! Shop a huge selection of Fleetwood diesel RVs including the Fleetwood Discovery, Fleetwood Discovery LXE, Fleetwood Pace Arrow and Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE. You can also save big on the Fleetwood Southwind, Fleetwood Bounder, Fleetwood Storm and the incredibly affordable Fleetwood Flair and Fleetwood Flair LXE Class A RV. Motor Home Specialist is also a full line Fleetwood RV dealer so you will also find Class C Fleetwood RVs available such as the Fleetwood Jamboree. Be sure to ask about the F-21 Fleetwood Advantage. The F-21 is an industry leading approach to motorhome manufacturing and materials that exceeds the standard. The "F" stands for Fleetwood RV. "21" stands for 21st century materials and techniques. F-21 is demonstrated by a 21 point product highlight demonstration. For Family, For Fun, Forever Fleetwood. Call a MHSRV sales representative today for complete details.

The Road Warrior is a multi-lifestyle 5th wheel designed for those that want the ability to transport ATVs and other "toys" but don't want to sacrifice comfort and luxury. The Road Warrior's chief designer A.J Jones is known throughout the industry as the "King of the Crossover." His innovative floorplans have changed the toy hauler RV industry and made what used to be a niche market into one of the most sought after models of towable RVs available today. These luxurious and spacious floor plans all have something unique and special that set them apart from the rest of the crossover RV world. Expect to find huge garages that easily convert into bedrooms and dining areas as well as unbelievable livability throughout. Road Warrior 5th Wheels come packed full of quality furnishings, big TVs, large kitchen areas, abundant storage and of course room for the toys too! You can also expect to find the largest selection and lowest prices at the #1 Road Warrior dealer in the U.S.A. Ask a representative about all the new and exciting innovations now available in the Heartland Road Warrior Crossover RV.

Nexus RV believes in nothing but manufacturing a superior class motorhome that has the potential to outclass other RVs in the business. Owing to the exclusive manufacturing ideologies, the brands of Nexus RV like the Bentley Diesel Pusher Motorhome, the Phantom Class C Motorhome, the Ghost Super Class C Motorhome, the Maybach Class A Gas Motorhome, the Wraith Super C Diesel Motorhome and the Viper Class B+ Motorhome are considered some of the leading RVs in the market; all of which are sold at Motor Home Specialist.

The company is passionately into building real RVs for real people. All of its brands are a result of state-of-the-art and strong Freightliner chassis. These fully equipped motorhomes have large windshields that do justice to the beautiful panoramic views, swiveling driver and passenger seats, comfortable sleeping capacity and modern bathroom and shower facilities.

Before becoming a new RV dealer Motor Home Specialist specialized in used RVs for sale only. We still take great pride in offering superior quality used RVs at lower prices every day. Some of our most popular brands of used RVs include Beaver RV, Country Coach, Winnebago RV, Tiffin RV (also known as Allegro RV) as well as Newmar RVs, Itasca RVs and many more. Used motor homes at Motor Home Specialist can be found in exceptional condition. We hand pick our pre-owned RV inventory and then select units are completely detailed, serviced and "White Glove" inspected before delivery. Be sure to check out our huge selection of used RVs. You will find everything from used diesel RVs to used class A RVs, used class C RVs and even used fifth wheels and used travel trailer RVs. And like our new unit, you can expect to find not only a huge selection, but everyday low sale prices. If you are shopping for a quality pre-owned motor home or pre-owned towable RV you have found the right place.

Motorhome Specialist makes shopping for RVs a relaxed and low pressured experience. We have over 200 acres of property with quality new RVs for sale and used RVs for sale as well as innovative, customer oriented facilities. Each coach is opened daily and stocked with cold bottled water. If you have questions a salesman will be glad to help or if you prefer to just browse your welcome to just "make yourself at home." You can even use one of our complementary golf carts if you'd like. Every RV here will have flyers posted on them that include complete details and an actual sale price so you don't have to wonder what the "real" price is.

Motor Home Specialist looks forward to serving the RV industry and its consumers for years to come, doing what they have always done, offering superior new and used motor homes, courteous and professional sales and service personnel and everyday low prices. 041b061a72


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