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Desi Village Peeing Outdoor 3gp

This is a video of a desi village aunty fucking with her neighborhood over on cam. She is a desi village aunty in her late 30s. She is married to a villager who works as a laborer in a small town near their village. They had a dull sex life. He used to fuck her once in a month and that too to satisfy himself. He would hump her pussy dryly for a minute or two and then shoot his load inside her and doze off to sleep. She was not happy with such a sex life and started having an affair outside marriage to satisfy her sexual needs. She seduced an uncle in her neighborhood with whom she used to have swx and quench the thirst of her hungry pussy. Their affair continued on for a few years.

desi village peeing outdoor 3gp

She slowly sits on top of him and starts riding him. He lies back and relaxes while she keeps on riding him like a pro. He again gets up and starts fucking her in sitting position. She embraces him and continues riding him till he finally cums inside her pussy. After cumming, he cleans himself with a cloth and gets up. This desi village aunty also cleans herself and gets dressed after this hot fucking session.


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